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We are living sustainably


At Eurohotel Theo Hotel, located in Agia Marina, Chania, we contribute to the global ecological solution following international laws, and practices in order to ensure the future we deserve as a planet.

The satisfaction of all legitimate requests of guests regarding comfort, safety, health and hygiene, while respecting the environment, is one of our main goals.

Environmental sustainability is recognized as a key priority for our organization this is why our goal is to minimize the ecological footprint of our activities.


The activities of our hotels are focused on

There is always something we can all do to contribute towards protecting the natural resources of our home, Earth. Please see below what you can do during your stay in Theo hotel:

  • Energy Saving

    At Eurohotel, our energy needs are covered by the purchase of electricity and the parallel burning of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. We take effective measures and using renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

  • Waste Management

    We systemically separate and recycle of all glass, plastic, paper, aluminum packaging and products. We are also proud of recycling Cigarette butts !

  • Food sustainability

    The United Nations (UN) estimates that food industry is responsible for 30% of global energy consumption and 22% of the gases that cause global warming. Knowing that we use seasonal and local ingidients, and choose products with light packaging (sustainable materials). We do not use precooked, transgenic and processed products, furthermore our food waste is biodegradable, non toxic and recyclable.

  • Water Conservation

    In the wider Mediterranean region, the demand for water exceeds the supply. Water consumption is regularly monitored and recorded.

  • Green Activities / Constant trainning & communication

    Eurohotel Katrin Suites is raising awareness of environmental causes.
    We are taking accountability for our environmental impact. Help us rise environmental awareness by joining EHrewards Club. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.
    Bring your environmetal ethics along to your vacation in Crete, with us!


Green Key

Theo Hotel is very proud to be “Green Key” awarded. Green Key is an eco-label for tourism and leisure establishments and is awarded to establishments with environmental identity. The Green Key ecolabel is a standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry.

#gopafree project by Cigaret Cycle is providing designated bins for cigarette butt disposal. Through specialized processes, recycled cigarette butts can be transformed into new industrial products, such as plastic pallets, while the remaining organic materials are repurposed into fertilizers.